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Gerry Montpellier has withdrew from the council chambers indicating a conflict of interest as he is involved in motorsports within the Sudbury area. ... Read MoreRead Less

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Justin Dacey shared Northland Trailer Sales's post to the group: Sudbury District Motorsports Association. ... Read MoreRead Less

Sorry everyone, we've been absolutely swamped here for the last few weeks and I've been slow at updating our page. Here's a great 18' car hauler we just took on trade! 2013 PJ 18' open car hauler wi...

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Bonfield track update. ... Read MoreRead Less

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Mission Statement:

Through its collective professionalism The Sudbury District Motorsports Association is committed to providing a controlled, safe, family-oriented, fun opportunity to the community through multi faceted motorsports activities. We will work towards sustainability and encourage economic growth while being environmentally sensitive.

There have been various attempts by motorsports enthusiasts to develop and establish facilities that accommodate activities such as motocross, drag racing, snowcross, oval racing, etc. Unfortunately, both human and financial resources have prevented these venues from being established. Never have these enthusiasts collective come together in order to realize a facility that has the capacity for all of these uses.SDMA endeavors to do just that. We are looking for your support to realize this dynamic and exciting project.

• In our community
• With our peers
• Among all levels of government Professional Development:
• Training
• Workshops
• Guest speakers Safety:
• Encourages safe competitive practices
• Educates and promotes community members
• Works with Police Services
• Idea sharing
• Referrals
• Problem solving
• Brain storming Communication:
• Newsletters
• Directory Meetings Membership:

$30.00 / Person per year

• To be a democratic, non-sectarian, non-political, non-profit, limited liability organization.
• To bring about and foster a spirit of unity, comradeship and sportsmanship among members.
• To promote legitimate sporting events, trials, club runs, social activities, etc. as deemed advisable by the executive committee/board of directors.
• To attempt to secure benefits, reduce rates, discounts, etc. for members.
• To cooperate with other clubs, associations and organizations having similar interests.
• To liaison with youth groups and organizations promoting participation in motorsports activities (i.e. mentorship program, encourage industry careers.)

Executive Board

Tim Laderoute President
Don Lamontagne Vice President
Heinz Wuthrich Treasurer
MK Punkari Secretary Todd Beauchamp Director
Matt Gagnon Director
Murray Bowers Director
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June 27th. is coming fast. Have you contacted the councilor representing your ward about where the arena event centre should be built? His/Her voice is yours, tell them what "YOU" want. ... Read MoreRead Less

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